Messy love

evokes a hunt

not for my best

for my redemptive better

redefined by innocent eyes

trusting me despite my wear

an evolutionary courage required

by a miracle

cloaked in countless wishes

covered in infinite prayers

adored beyond comprehension

The Detroit Institute of Arts

A Taste

DIA’s Facade- a nod to mythos and Rodin’s The Thinker as intro energy

Cotopaxi (volcano in Ecuador), Oil 1862, by Frederic Church is flanked by The Lost Pleiad, 1888 & The Blind Girl from Pompei by Randolph Rogers. Intricate details invite staring. The DIA tiled foyer is grand with interesting symbology.
Vase, about 1900, by Lajos Mack & Love Flight of a Pink Candy Heart, 1930 Oil on Canvas by Florine Stettheimer

The Freed Man, Bronze 1863, John Quincy Ward

Girl Reading, 1938 and Woman in Armchair, 1925 both by Pablo Picasso

Ganesha (copper alloy, 1600’s), Shiva (granite, late 900’s), and Vishnu (sandstone, 900’s) All by Unknown Artists

The Moods of Time: Evening, Bronze 1938, Paul Manship

Self-Portrait 1967, Andy Warhol

Family Album (Blood Objects) Exhibit F: Shirt, bronze patina 1993, Yoko Ono

Confession- I do not have artist info for the last 2 pieces, but thought they were too interesting not to share, the first a boy’s room and expose about how the things we own reflect who we are, the other a whimsical bronze statue.

I highly encourage you to visit The Detroit Institute of Arts and experience their impressive collection for yourself.