What to wear with 40-something legs

A sky-high sexist quotient must be a job requirement for morning DJ’s on Rock n Roll radio stations.  Channel flipping is my mode operandi in the car, but in the morning I am
a bit slow so every once in a while I am subjected to their stupidity.  One slow morning the insidious worm-like opinion that women over 40 should not wear shorts burrowed into the insecure center of my brain.  There are no longer any Rock presets on my dashboard because outrage does not set a good tone for the day.  Besides, I have Whitesnake and AC/DC in my CD player.

At the beginning of the summer I noted that my inventory of shorts has been slowly replaced by Capri’s and the few pairs of shorts I still own belong in the gym.  I wondered if the fashion industry agreed with that DJ when I hunted for shorts that I could wear, meaning they covered my ass but did not have elephant-wide legs.  I settled on one pair of jean shorts from the juniors department and 3 new pairs of Capri’s.  The stores had racks of maxi dresses and strappy cotton sundresses that pretty young things wear without bras.  Bag-like garments do not flatter my small frame and I am only comfortable going bra-less when there are cups in the top.  My lower half has always been my stronger suit.  Can’t a woman in her 40’s still take a small amount of pride in at least one part of her body without reconstruction?  I rebelled this summer by wearing a red bikini… once.  Although I was truly offended by the new trends and their collaborative relationship with a morning DJ, I found that Capri’s and cap-sleeved knit summer dresses did not ride up like shorts do when I sit down.  Strappy heeled sandals paired with either still turned heads and the cool currents circulating under my dresses were much appreciated.  I have relegated shorts to workout wear, but will reconsider if designers create them with 4 inch inseams and narrower legs.

Fall is upon us, so I begin to pack away my summer wardrobe and inventory my collection of tights.  Who would have guessed that the colder seasons would be a preferable time of year to display my 40-something legs?

Leg lingerie

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